Lyze and I saw Transformers last week. I really enjoy the robots. Most of the stuff I like is the stuff the hardcore fans are in tears about. Brutal robot fight scenes that managed to be interesting without making me go cross-eyed from the CG. Spocktimus Prime.

Thee biggest turn-off was the replacement of super hot Megan Fox with an underwear model. I’ve heard the tales of why she was let go but, as addressed in the movie itself, it was so weirdly unrealistic for unattractive, generally weird Sam to hit pay dirt twice in a row. Bay can do explosions and action scenes. His use of women is awful. It takes a lot for me to actually care about Hollywood sexism, but he did it.

There’s a lot of things that, if you go back and think about it, don’t make sense. For a movie about robots punching each other it entertains.

Except Ken Jeong. He is awful and I don’t like him.