Since moving we’ve gone to see Thor, X-men: First Class, Super 8, and Monday Green Lantern.

X-men wins just for my enjoyment of the comics, and James McAvoy. I love Erik and groovy Charles. Although I didn’t like Azazel in the comics his movie counterpart almost made up for a lack of Nightcrawler. And there may be baby crawler in the future of the series.

Super 8 was second. Top notch quality, of course. The kids were good but the ending seemed a bit.. “Is that all?”

Thor… Well I could have done without Natalie Portman. I’m sure Lyze disagrees but I just for the romance uninteresting and I’d have rather seen a movie about the Warriors Three, Sif, and Thor Bro-ing it up. Liked the after credits thing. Kinda sorta just like Myria and Loki.

Green Lantern… Not sure if it suffered from me hearing too many bad things about it, but it’s on the bottom for me. Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds. Easily defeated villain that everyone in the universe was supposed to be afraid of.