It seems like the hot topic lately. Women working in the comic industry, including webcomics.   For some reason I find it highly annoying.   As if, because I’m a girl I should be in a special category and judged differently.

At San Diego Comic-con(and probably other places) they have panels about women in comics.  In three different podcasts I listen to they’ve brought up women in comics.  One has even done two separate episodes talking about women in comics.  They left out most, if not all, of the ones working in mainstream comics, just talking about web comics.   Marvel has at least one series now that has an all women team that they use as a selling point.  Seems to me that says there are a ton of women in comics and we need to stop acting like women are the elusive white buffalo.

The big thing that annoys me about Marvel’s all girl team push is they, and many fans, act like because they are all women that all girls should like what they do.  I don’t.   I like what I like and don’t base it on gender, race, or sexual orientation of the creative team involved.