I think I’m finally done being sick. I slept last night without waking up 30 times. I hope the comic didn’t suffer too much for it.

All those tomatoes I used to post pictures of are finally yielding red tomatoes… as it starts to get cold here. We started experimenting with them. I tried to roast them with some spices but put it too high so they were just soggy and smelled like spaghetti. (He’s the writer-cook. I’m the gardener-artist.) He ended up putting them on bread and fish and they were pretty good that way.

As for the page, I added a fan art. Sure I could add more by Terrabm and Thew40 because they’ve done a lot for us but I think their is the first one since I made the page and I kinda want this to be a new beginning. Plus I need to figure out how to make a gallery look nicer in WordPress.