Let’s see. Added a “New to” page which is basically a recap page. It has one new image so far a I’m hoping to add some more. There’s also a new image at the front of the comic.

Moved some of the menu things around because I wanted the “Links” menu to be on the end. Fan art is now under “Extras.” Not that there’s anything there.

Added tags for the monsters. They’re simple now just water monster, fire monster, etc. If anyone has any ideas for tags post them here for consideration.

Joined twitter because that’s what all the cool webcomic kids say you should do.

There’s two new videos in the live section. They are both from the same session.
This the result of the rain a few weeks ago. The lettuce decided to migrate.

I’ve never grown tomatoes from seeds before so I’m kinda happy some of them are doing OK.