From the perspective of someone who never saw the show. Of course it’s hard if you’re ever on the internet to go into the movie with an unbiased opinion. I did try not to read any reviews so I could be completely impartial. (But I did see some.)

I’m not a movie reviewer and this probably won’t be thorough or as well written as one.

Luckily our theater had a 2d viewing. I am so tired of 3-d just so they can up the price.

First the beginning was a little slow and weird. The dialogue seemed a little clunky. One character would say something and another would repeat it or just say something completely unnecessary.

Once the movie got going I enjoyed it a bit more. I heard some people voicing distaste for the “dances” for bending but I actually liked that. I thought the visuals were really nice, except in scenes where they panned a lot everything would go blurry to me. I’m not sure if that’s my eyesight or their fault. I liked the costumes, especially the hue of the Northern Water Tribe’s clothing. I just like blue.

Since you can’t mention the movie without bringing up the accusation of racism. (I don’t want to call anyone a racist. It’s a strong word it today’s culture.) I did find that, yes, for some reason all of the Southern Water Tribe but their family was of some Native appearance to be distracting. Then all of the Northern Water Tribe but the Princess looked European. If you change the race of leading characters, change the race of their group. That kind of inconsistency just makes it more apparent how out of place the actors seemed. The same thing with the Random grab-bag races of the air nomads. That reminds me of Star Trek’s lost colonies of people that only have 100 members but still managed to stay racially pure.

I liked the kid that played the Aang. It’s obvious the kid knew his martial arts. Sokka really didn’t leave any impression on me. I didn’t really like Zuko. I think his angry reactions seemed a little over the top. I don’t know if that’s how he was in the show. Katara seemed decently played, but I didn’t really find myself caring about her. Maybe just because she’s a girl and I don’t care much about many female characters.

Lyze would like to point out that the Water benders were pussies.

I’m basically the person these kinds of movies cater to. I like explosions and bright colors. Fancy computer tricks keep my attention. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen and it wasn’t the worst either. If they made another I’d probably see it too.

I definitely don’t think it deserves the low ratings it’s been getting if you’re looking at it unconnected to it’s source materials. Then again I can’t recall any movie based on a cartoon that was translated to live action and still kept closely to how it was in the show. Some things just do not translate well to live action. Like cyan tattoos for example.