I love Saints Row. If you follow my tumblr you are aware of this situation. I decided to use the Inauguration station (character creator)to make the girlsĀ  (Now with Adam and 2 Pans)as best I could. I’m having a bit of a hard time finding an easy way to link to them so here’s a try at it. They’re titled OD1-7 (And one is just “Pan”) to be discrete. They only work for steam users as far as I know. Those that don’t have the game or have it on the PC can see them below the cut.

I wanted a different hair for Cat but it had weird clipping issues. The ‘Satyr’ Pan has horns on the website version but it takes forever to get screencaps for some reason so I didn’t recap and save it.


srkasumi SRdani srcat srtaryn srcait

srpanhuman srpan sradam