The comic keeps updating just a bit early.  I tweaked some stuff let’s see if I did any good Wednesday.

I’ve been working on an art book for the comic.   It’s mostly art but there’s info about the characters, places, and things that aren’t  gone over in the comic.  It’s mostly just a ton of pictures.  Hoping to keep it at about 8 bucks for at least 50 pages.  Hopefully it will look good in print.  If it doesn’t you can probably just ignore this because I will be so upset that it looks bad that I will refuse to sell it.

I got Google analytics for the site which totally plays to my love of numbers, especially when they go up.  God bless the one guy using dial-up.  It’s really neat though.   According to Google, other than us there are 6 people from our area that visited the page.

Last but not least. I think this is why you should put furrows in your garden.  I could be wrong.   I had tomato islands for a bit until the water went down.  It also hailed.   I think only one hail actually hit the plant and knocked a leaf off.  The one with the Coke hat is my most promising one so I didn’t want it hurt.  Poor baby.

Finally, if anyone still plays City of Heroes.   I’m on Protector.  My character is “BroFist.” I usually only play an hour or two around 2-4 PM central.   Just make sure to identify yourself as coming from here.