It was back in 2003 that a young KB decided to embark on a comic adventure. She had never done a comic before and was a relatively new artist, but she had an idea.

At the time she was -why am I talking in third person.

At that time I was fresh off my weeaboo stage and into X-men Evolution. After X2 came out that year I began to pick up comic books and get more and more inspired by comic artists. My favorite at the time was Michael Turner.

Up until recently I found it hard to look back at my older work, but not I think I can look at it and wear it as a badge. I was bad. But I’ve gotten better. I continue to get better. Where many people start comics after they found their style I let the comic bring the style to me. I’ve always held onto the notion that I will redo the comic, but not until after it’s done, and hopefully by then I’ll have come to a better realization of my style.

Many of the elements in the story are there for a reason. I get a lot of people mocking some of the ideas. Caitlyn has twins by separate fathers like Castor and Pollux. Their pregnancies are extended by the gods like Leto. Pregnancy plays prominent role in many Greek myths. The Superhero thing was all my idea. A product of my X-men obsession. The overall “Magical Girl” theme is Sailor Moon inspired.

G’Tron gave it a name. So Cat’s brother is named after him. Most of the characters names were picked because I liked the way the sounded. Cyril’s name is related to a person in the community at the time.

I’m not sure exactly when lyze came in the picture. (He says it was pretty early which makes me feel bad for not remembering.) I remember he encourage me to keep working on it when I had stopped. It had to be pretty early on since he helped with the creation of Adam. His first introduction as a writer came in ‘The Quest’ arc. Since then he’s become the predominate writer. My favorite accomplishment as a writer is that I wrote Adam’s flashback that people seemed to relate to.

Things I would change? Well take out the Matrix reference and music for one. I never saw the Matrix. I’m not sure what I was thinking– Oh yes I do. That’s when I worked at the Movie theater when the third Matrix movie was playing. Silly Me.

I think I like everything else. How the story has played out. I wish I had the drive then that I have now. We’d be further ahead in the story.

For the longest time the comic was just posted to deviantArt. There were two main reasons. One, I didn’t think I was good enough to give it it’s own page. Two I didn’t know if I could hold a schedule. In early 2010 after a year or more of holding a three page a week schedule, I decided I could do it.

So here were are.