Hey, yo, morning and all that. In case you don’t know who I am, I’m the guy who writes the comic. How you doin?

Do we have any Star Trek fans out there? How about MMOs? Recently (I think) Star Trek Online has gone free to play. I’ve recently started playing it again and was wondering if there was anyone else out there who does or might be interested in doing so.

It’s a little bit of a different game from other MMOs. It’s divided into two major areas of play, space and ground. In space it’s a pretty pew pew game of moving your ship around and blasting the enemy into so much space debris with beams and torpedos. There’s firing arcs, shield facings and balancing energy to subsystems all done in a relatively simple interface.  On the ground there’s various iconic Star Trek weapons like phasers, disruptors, and more. There’s also a strong emphasis on your bridge officers which go with you on missions and are managed as ‘pets’ like classes such as hunters in WoW.

The game does a fairly good job of using the lore of the Star Trek universe though it does take place in a future some decades after the last of the Next Generation movies. There’s quite a few appearances of various characters who have ties to ones from the series, such as Miral Paris (daughter of Star Trek Voyager’s Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres), Naomi Wildman (Also from Voyager), Akira Sulu (Great Grandson of Hikaru Sulu, oh my…) and I think I saw Worf in there somewhere, now an ambassador for the estranged Klingon Empire. Oh yeah, Spock narrates the intro to every new area of space you enter.

There is a little bit of a learning curve in getting on how the game is played, it’s not as simple as games like WoW but isn’t too difficult to learn. The stats are a bit obfuscated, figuring out what bonus applies to what skill can be tough, but the game is overall forgiving and you can reassign points into skills with respec tokens which you get as you level and can purchase from the developers.

Little bit about what free to play means for those who don’t know. The game is free, and you can advance to level 50. You never ‘have’ to spend cash on this game, the game makes it’s money by selling you benefits. Raising the level cap, extra character slots, special equipment and variations of ship designs are among these. Some range from useful new playable races and ships with special abilities and others are purely vanity items like the original series uniforms and different skins for your ships internal areas. I know, some people think that selling game benefits is low but come on, it’s a buisiness. You get to play to free, they need to make their money and if someone wants to spend their cash on it they should get something better. Don’t worry what the other guy is doing, have fun yourself.

If anyone’s interested, let me know.

Edit: Probably would have been helpful to provide contact information. I can be reached in game as Chet@lyze on federation side or Jenia@lyze on klingon.