Oh my god you guys.  My yard is a mess.

To recap.  Flight out, everything short of the plane crashing went wrong so I ended up late arriving.

Cut for pics.

I am terrified of heights.  I hate elevators and I can barely get on an escalator without  internally spazzing, but I love looking out the window when flying.  I was coming up with some long elegant way to say how neat it looked but I guess the pictures do well enough.

The camera batteries died and I forgot the spare so no other pictures of my excursion.

Would anyone like some peas?

Why yes, my fingernails are glorious. Thank you.

On the webpage side of things I added a tag cloud so now you can find things have have been tagged.  If anyone has an ideas for other ones put them here.  Also contemplating a forum but not sure if it’s worth it.