Yeah so this map here is our route.  By car.  With a cat.


We left North Dakota and it was in the mid 60s. Here it is in the mid 90s.

On the road we had McDonalds twice.  Which is two more times than I’ve had in years.

Sin is a person on tumblr and Skin Deep is a comic.

The dead armadillo thing is funny to me because I said a few miles before, this is where we start seeing dead armadillos.  Before then it was deer, Raccoons, a fox, and a coyote.  Srsly, 1800 miles, roadkill becomes fascinating.

Nox, the cat, in the hotel room did not want to get back in the box.  I had to talk sweetly to her and grab her before she could bite. She was grumpy.  Later that day she started getting hot so we bought a bag of ice and sat her travel box on it.  She seemed to enjoy it except for the condensation.

I’ve eaten so much you guys.  So much.

Sushi, Greek food, Cuban food, crayfish, seafood, more greek food, more sushi.

Already gone to a comic book shop.  There’s also a Comic con down here I’m looking at.

I am, once again, the whitest person in the south.  SPF 9000 baby.