Ok Webpage problems first since that’s more important.

Recently I updated Comicpress and screwed something Up so the Menu bar is missing the home and forum buttons. It is either something I did a can’t figure out or something messed up with the code that I can’t fix at all without help. My friend may or may not be destroying the page with her anger in the future.  I told her she could make the page look pretty if she could do it without killing it.

As for the Girl power thing. Well I talk about this a lot. I’m most definitely not a feminist in the sense that most are.   Equality is great but I know guys are girls are made for different things.

The main issue I have with most female feminists is they seem to insist on segregation.  If there’s something society traditionally considered male dominated they decide to add girl to it or make girl only clubs for it.  If we’re all equal why would you call yourself a “girl gamer?”  That would imply that the default is male.  I game, there fore I’m a gamer. My sex is irrelevant when I’m playing a blue cow.

Speaking of games. World of Warcraft is back up for me.  I’m currently playing an Alliance, Sofietta, on Nodrassil.