I’ve been told I should use these things for talking.

As a girl in comics I often find the people I disagree with more are other women in comics.  A great deal of the time a see a post about how, as a woman, I should hate the latest Power Girl or Miss Marvel cover.   How I should support female creators and female characters because they’re female.

Maybe I just have a streak of ‘man’ in me because I don’t care.  The attractive way women are drawn is why I like comics.  All but one of my favorite characters are male.  Gender of the creator should not be the only reason I want to purchase or read something.

Most of all I don’t enjoy people saying “This is why women hate comics.”  I’m a woman and I like it.  Don’t presume to speak for me ladies.

As long as the boobs don’t always have erect nipples through 3 layers of clothing I don’t care how big Power Girl’s boobs are.