Kaileigh Blue is a wannabe comic artist who’s been chugging along at this comic for 7 years.   In the beginning she did all of the work; writing, art, post work.  Now she writes bits here and there, but still does all the art.

She has no formal art training, but won an award for best student in Visual art 1 her senior year of High School. She likes Purple and blue.

Her influences and favorite artists are Steven Gordon( Character designer of X-men Evolution), Michael Ryan,  Mike Choi and Michael Turner.

Her favorite comics were (since they are canceled) Runaways,  Blue Beetle, and New Mutants V2.

She has two deviantart accounts, Kaileighblue for random art and Olympic-dames for comic related.


Lyze (irg555 on deviant art) is often referred to as ‘Cuddles’ by Kaileigh Blue. He does a lot of the writing of the comic.  He also did the Charlie stories posted over on DA.  He credits his creativity to playing too much DnD. His cat is out to kill KB.

He has one deviantArt account.