Olympic Dames updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It moved to it’s own website in May of 2010.

In the beginning the heroines are each visited by a mysterious stranger. That night they each dream about the stranger,  and the next morning woke up pregnant.  Peter, as he introduced himself, is their only link to what happened and he seems unwilling to divulge any useful info.  Peter learns that Caitlyn’s large girth is  due to someone else unexpected also visiting Caitlyn that night causing her to have twins.

Each character reacts to their situation differently. Catherin, with anger.  Caitlyn, with sadness.  Danielle, with happiness.  Taryn, with indifference.   People close to them seem unaware that anything is wrong.  Teachers and students have been led to believe it’s a study they’re all participating in for a scholarship.

While they are each trying to deal with it in their own ways they find themselves being pulled together more and more.   When a creature Taryn describes as an ‘ugly dog’ starts lobbing fire at them they learn whatever is happening to them is more than a minor inconvenience.  They soon learn they have gained super human abilities.  Taryn, Danielle, and Adam learn that “Peter” is actually the Greek god Pan.


Their first big conflict comes when a woman, Myria, uses Caitlyn’s sadness against her to take her children and their powers.   Myria, along with Frost, intend to take all the babies and their powers.  Danielle and Adam, Caitlyn’s best friend, set off to stop their plans.  Catherin arrives to help, soon followed by a guilt ridden Caitlyn.  Frost uses Adam to get Catherin to comply, but Danielle uses her powers to set the situation right.   Defeated, Frost and Myria escape.

Soon after Taryn, Caitlyn, Danielle and Adam are attacked by a living mountain of water in the mall. Working together they evacuate the patrons and defeat the monster.  They realize they need to work together and practice to be ready for anything else that comes their way.

At Danielle’s birthday party a large tree creature crashes the party. Before they jump into action Kasumi interrupts and takes care of it herself.  She introduces herself and explains that she’s been in Japan and saw news of their fight in the mall on TV.

Cyril finally decides to approach the group with news that he has been watching them and even has photographs of their fight with the Water monster.  Using the pictures as leverage he forces his way into the group.

After a short time Cyril is exposed as having already posted their images online after he tries to get on Adam’s good side. He is swiftly encouraged by Adam to leave the girls alone.

Pan decides to reveal this true appearance to Dani and open up about his role as damage control for the girls. When Cait’s is revealed to have a second power he attempts to explain them.

Taryn plans to get Cait and Adam to admit feelings for each other with little success. She does convince Kasumi and Cat to go on a hunt for Bigfoot where they encounter a variety of characters but miss and important trait of one.