AdamHappyAdam Conners,  son of an American banker and Venezuelan Model, is an average teen-aged boy.  He’s recently been forced to contemplate his feelings for his best friend, Caitlyn.  His other love is his Gremlin.

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Caitlyn Pyrmi is a 17 year old recently ‘blessed’ with twins by Zues and Hades.  Caitlyn is a tomboy, and can often be seen hanging out with Adam.  Caitlyn’s parents are archaeologists and are often away on digs for weeks at a time.

Caitlyn can control electricity.  Most notably she shoots lightening bolts.

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Catherin McCollough is the eldest at 18.  She’s the bad girl of the group.  If a teen have ever done something to rebel, Cat has done it twice.  She is a member of the Wampanoag tribe, but due to a falling out with her mother her heritage is all but forgotten. Her child is of Ares.

Catherin is the tank of the group.   She can also summon a weapon.

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Danielle Anderson is the youngest of the group and the most naive.  She’s shy and tends to play down her looks. Her child is Apollo’s.

Danielle has both telepathy and telekinesis.

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Kasumi Jones is the newest member of the group having come from Japan when news of the others reached her.  Her father is an American stationed in Japan and her mother is Japanese. Her child is Posiedon’s.

Kasumi can manipulate any water in it’s liquid state.

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Taryn Varwig is a rich socialite.   She enjoys boys,  shopping, and basketball, in that order. Her child is Dionysus’.

Taryn’s power is emotional manipulation through scent.

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Pan is a Greek demigod. He’s old, amorous, and fun-loving.  He hangs out with Scott the squirrel.

Pan can Shape-shift,  teleport, talk to animals,  and is an excellent musician.

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Cyril Narsis is a creepy guy who can best be defined as a stalker. He is far too interested in the heroines.

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Myria Rogers has the pleasure of hearing the voice of Loki. Together they plot for his return to the mortal realm.  She and Frost met at School in England.

Myria has limited access to magic and can also use Loki’s knowledge to their gain.

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Carl “Frost” Jungan is Myria’s friend. Don’t call him a henchman.  Don’t point out his size. Loki doesn’t care for him much.

Frost is 8 feet tall, durable, and super strong.

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